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Teens face charges due to brawl
KTRK By Cynthia Cisneros

(9/13/05 - HOUSTON) - HISD officials say a fight broke out at Jones High School between Houston students and New Orleans evacuees. Some were taken by ambulance and others were arrested.
Parents and students tell Eyewitness News it's a powder keg of a situation in southeast Houston. HISD police have regained control of the campus.

A fight erupted around 8:45am Tuesday. Students say the problem began last week Students from New Orleans and Houston agree things escalated when a soda can was thrown into a group of New Orleans students as they arrived on campus. A very physical fight then broke out, involving punching and kicking. Students were crying and screaming.

Police were able to break up the fight. When it was all over, three students were taken to area hospitals by ambulance. Five students were arrested. Authorities say of the five arrested, two students are from Louisiana.

The five students arrested Tuesday morning all face a charge of a Class C misdemeanor. They also face the possibility of suspension.

There are 3,000 students who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina and relocated into Houston schools. HISD officials are making it very clear that inappropriate behavior by any students will not be tolerated on campus.
(Copyright © 2005, KTRK-TV)
Cynthia Cisneros

ABC13 News Team

Cynthia Cisneros, Reporter

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Harlem School Introduces Children to Swiss Chard
Ebony Richards, a confirmed hamburger and Tater Tots girl, knows the rules of the lunch line at her school, the Promise Academy in Harlem.

When confronted with whole-wheat penne covered with sautéed peppers and local squash, she does not blurt out "That's nasty." If she does, she goes to the end of the line.

Although seconds on main courses are not allowed - someone has to show children what a reasonable portion is - Ebony can fill her tray with a dozen helpings of vegetables or bowls of Romaine lettuce from the salad bar. Any time in the school day, she can wander into the cafeteria for a New York apple.

Ebony, 12, had never seen Swiss chard until a month ago. She ate three helpings. "I was like, 'I don't want to eat that,' " she said of her first few months of meals at the Promise Academy. "But I had to, because there was nothing else. Then it was like, 'This is good.' "
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